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Half Hour        25 min  |   $ 60.00

3/4 Hour         40 min  |   $ 80.00

Hour                55 min  |   $100.00

1-1/4 Hour     70 min  |  $120.00

1-1/2 Hour     85 min  |  $140.00

Seniors: 60+  minus $5

* No senior discount on massages longer than an hour *


Massage therapy is based on Swedish massage techniques. It is the manipulation of soft tissue to decrease hyper tonicity or muscle tension. The treatment also improves local blood circulation, decreases scar tissue and adhesions and can improve flexibility. RMT's use Swedish massage for many conditions such as: repetitive strain, whiplash, carpal tunnel and symptomatic relief from many chronic conditions.

Initial Assessment

25 min  |  $75.00

Subsequent treatments

20 - 25 min  |  $70.00

Seniors: 60+  minus $5

Subsequent treatments only


Osteopathy is a manual therapy that treats the body like a machine. With a four year education that focuses on anatomy and physiology, the therapist is much like a mechanic in that he looks for the abnormal or asymmetry, and corrects the dysfunction.


Osteopathy is safe and gentle, and highly effective at restoring the body to normal function.



Pregnancy massage is a gentle form of prenatal care. It is a drug-free alternative for aches and pains during pregnancy. Infant massage is safe and effective for colic and digestive issues. The therapist performs the treatment while instructing the parent how to continue this massage at home.

1 hr  |   $100.00


Hot basalt stones are placed about the body while flat smooth stones are used to do a rhythmic and relaxing massage. Combine soothing Swedish massage, hot rocks, and scented oil to create a calm atmosphere that helps relieve stress.

55 mins        |    $120.00

85 mins        |    $160.00

* No senior discount on hot stone massages *

          15 mins  |  $25.00            


Athletes use this method to stabilize and support weak muscles. This differs from fundamental taping because it allows the muscles and joints to move freely. It enhances circulation of the blood and lymph which promotes healing. Kinesio taping is not just for sports injuries.


Therapeutic ultrasound uses ultrasonic waves to decrease inflammation, decrease scar tissue, increase blood circulation and promote healing.

15 min  |   $25.00

30 min  |   $50.00

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